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Hardware Design

Our design expertise span around mixed signals using extensive analog circuits to process high frequency, low level signals & interfacing the same using ADC's up to 16 bits resolutions. Power supplies design is also undertaken at BIT ADVANCED Hardware design expertise at BIT covers the following domains

Digital Design:
  •     8, 16, 32 bit microprocessors & controllers (Intel / Analog/TI / Microchip/Renesas/LPC)
  •     High speed bus - > 133MHz DSPs - TI & Analog devices - Up to 600 FLOPs

Analog Designs:
  •     Analog circuit designs for signal conditioning
  •     ADC & DAC interface
  •     Filter design
  •     Power supply design - SMPS, Liner, DC-DC Switchers, Battery charging and monitoring
  •     Mixed signal designs handling both high speed digital & Analog circuits and interfaces Xilinx

Communication Interfaces:
  •     Connectivity: USB, Ethernet, CAN, Bluetooth, WiFi, PCIe
  •     Serial: UART, SPI, I2C
  •     Storage: SSD, SATA, Flash, SDRAM, SD/MMC
  •     UI: LCD, LVDS, HDMI, DVI, Keypad
  •     Verification and testing
  •     Sample production