"It’s not what you achieve,
it’s what you overcome. That’s
what defines your career."
Career With Bit Advanced

Ever wondered what a place where enthusiasm, technology, fun and innovation meet looks like? Welcome to BIT Advanced - A complete different world. We begin each day by setting new challenges and complete the day by surpassing them. Here, every voice is listened to and no idea is considered insignificant. With innovation in our genes and our employees being our pillar of strength, we love and take pride in what we do.

We provide enough opportunities to our employees and trainees for gaining suitable knowledge and skills which makes them to be experts in their careers. We stimulate people to develop their talents and encourage them to make the most of themselves both at work and in their personal lives.

At BIT Advanced, opportunities keep on knocking! Here, you will get to work on all phases of a product life cycle, right from board specs to field testing. This includes Board Design,Linux and Real-time Systems, Embedded Software and even the Full System Integration. We motivate you to climb the ladder of success by providing you with a platform to learn and execute the most challenging tasks using latest technologies. You will have an opportunity to work on the latest Embedded Platforms, RFID Systems and Application Software.

We believe in stimulating your personal and professional growth so that you enjoy working as part of our team and find great job satisfaction. We are looking for people who are keen to help improve the quality of everyday life through meaningful innovations.

Career in embedded system is always challenging and highly rewarding. With more and more devices converging and getting embedded in to each other, the domain of embedded systems is providing more and more growth opportunities. With the invent of better and powerful controller architectures, there is a huge need for better and optimized firmware, which opens up huge demand for embedded system professionals and service providers, We relies heavily on innovation and cutting-edge technologies to provide a wide spectrum of reliable hardware solutions and applications. Together with other internal efficiencies Bit Advanced offers its clients high quality design services on a very cost-effective basis.

We’re constantly on the lookout for minds ready to learn. If you have the expertise in Real-time Systems, RTOS, Embedded Linux, Hardware Design, Device Drivers or Processor Architectures and Programming, we would prefer you even more.

For Job enquiry, career guidance or to submit your resume you can contact on career@bitadvanced.com